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bullet Operations Academy Presentation by Bob Marbourg (WTOP New Traffic Reporter)
bullet Connected Vehicles and the Future of Transportation Presentation by Shelley Row


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FHWA national scholarship

Operations Academy Session: October 15-25, 2013

Total Cost of Operations Academy Per Person: $5,771 (includes tuition, room & board)

Amount of Scholarship Per Person: $5,771
Agency employees receiving a scholarship will need to pay their own travel to and from the Operations Academy training location in Linthicum Heights, MD (5 minutes from BWI airport and Amtrak station).

Number of Scholarships: The number of scholarships awarded could range from 1 to 20.

Eligibility: Mid to high level agency managers whose current or future responsibilities include transportation management and operations.

How to Apply: Applicants must complete and submit the October 2013 Operations Academy Nomination Form.

Selection Criteria: In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must:

  • check the “National FHWA Scholarship” box on the nomination form,
  • be nominated by a local or state agency,
  • complete the pre-study prior to attendance at the October Academy, and
  • have their agency pay the travel costs to and from the Operations Academy training location.

It should be noted that selected applicants will represent diverse geographic locations.


Scholarships Announced
April, 2013
Nomination Form Due
June 7, 2013
Participants Notified of Acceptance
June 28, 2013
Pre-study Materials Distributed
August 26, 2013
Travel to Operations Academy Location
October 14, 2013


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kathleen Frankle 410-414-2925, kfrankle@umd.edu.